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Boxes and sculpture

I make a range of objects that draw on inspiration from the natural world. Using sheet copper, brass and silver, I cut, shape and hard solder each piece to make beautiful, durable - and often functional - art works.

Examples include:

IMG_2340 2.jpg

Mushroom/Bark 3 (2022)

Mushroom/bark pieces are a hybrid of realistic and idealised natural history. Made in copper with both highly polished metallic sections, and sections that are rough textured or oxidised. And in a tribute to the life real mushrooms face, these ones sometimes show toothmarks or decay.

Shown is the largest in a series of three.


Rectangle ripple box (2021)
A traditional hinged-lid brass box, with brass strip patterns and a central lapis lazuli stone. Made of brass and silver-soldered construction, the lid is highly polished while the main part is covered in a layer of oxide. I liked distorting the idea of a pebble dropping into water: here the pebble itself looks more like water and waves are square-form metal. 

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